Much is Given and Much is Required

To those to whom much is given, much will be required–this statement can be interpreted in many different ways. It is easy to take a purely materialistic view: if one has money, grand homes, a bountiful supply of food and many other goods, then that person will be required to give some of it away to help others. This is a valid interpretation, but God has never placed much attention on material goods. It is more likely that God is speaking directly to us, His children of deep faith. Our wealth lies in our love of and devotion to the Lord, and the greater our love for Him, the more will be required of us.

Take Moses, for example. He was given life, spared from slaughter and adopted by an Egyptian woman, when all other Hebrew male babies were being killed. His life was spared for a reason, though. God had immense expectations for Moses, including (but not limited to) saving God’s people from Pharaoh. Moses is just one of many examples of God choosing people to glorify the kingdom of Heaven.

It is crucial that people who are given much faith pay attention, for it is easy to forget or overlook all the blessings given to them.

“If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” Psalms 95:8

We have the ability to say no to what God wills for us. It is all too common for people to harden their hearts because giving their lives to Jesus can be considered too much. During this current time in history, we are constantly lured by a desire to strive for an easy life. Society promotes this easy life through social media. God gives us a very different message, that it is only through struggle and hardship that we will find true happiness. Unfortunately, these truths are becoming more difficult to accept because they appear so far outside the realm of understanding.

The Gospel calls us to repent directly through Jesus and His humble request for us to do so. It will always be hard to choose the narrow road over the broader one, but if we have faith given to us by our Lord, we are guaranteed that it is the right road that will lead us to Heaven

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One thought on “Much is Given and Much is Required”

  1. Truly as Madonna once sang we live “in a material world” and it has become increasingly difficult to escape from its appeal. And why would we want to? The media assures us we can have everything we need for an easy life. This reminder that God never intended us for this world may help us to point out this message to others through sharing our faith which leads us to the only treasure that lasts and will satisfy our needs—in heaven.

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