The Narrow Gate

Time is fleeting in this world, which is rapidly passing away. Since we cannot envision the glories of Heaven, it is almost impossible not to become somewhat attached to the allure this world can offer. In truth, the Lord did create this world and He created it out of love for us. Nevertheless, whatever God gives, He can also take away.

The story of Abram and his nephew Lot reveals that from the beginning, the Lord knows the hearts of His people. While Lot made decisions based on what would benefit himself and himself alone, Abram made decisions according to the will of God. There is no denying that Abram was attached to his possessions, but he did not depend on this attachment. He knew that the Lord would take care of him, regardless of what happened. Because of his sincere trust, God not only took care of Abram but made sure he flourished. “Look about you, and from where you are, gaze to the north and south, east and west; all the land that you see I will give to you and your descendants forever.” Genesis 13:14-15

Jesus showed us that if we choose to follow Him, life will not be easy, and as a result, many of His own followers left Him because they could not accept this. The road to Heaven is hard and torturous at times, but it is meant to be. God always gives us a choice; we can enjoy the treasures of this world and have our Heaven on earth, or we can walk with Jesus Christ and be rewarded with the treasures of Heaven when we get there.

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few.” Matthew 7:13

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One thought on “The Narrow Gate”

  1. On a recent visit to my old hometown I was struck by how many of what were once merely two lane roads have become highways or freeways with four lanes on each side. Talk about the broad road that leads to destruction! The former “narrow” roads were bumpy and the speed limits were much lower so you couldn’t get places as quickly but just like the road to Heaven you were able to reach your destination and appreciate your journey’s end.


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