Joy, Joy, Joy

As true sons and daughters of Christ, we are called to evangelize. I hated this idea while growing up. The idea of standing on street corners and proclaiming the gospel to total strangers held no appeal. I did not believe I had the authority to tell others what they should believe. I lacked confidence, knowledge, and courage to speak out in such a way. Deep down, I did not feel the strength of my own faith, and if I could not convince myself that it would lead to God, how could I convince others?

It was not until I was able to voice that I was a “child of God,” that I understood the confidence, knowledge, courage, and especially wisdom were not attainable without the gift of these qualities by the Holy Spirit. I did not have to aggressively pursue people to convert—the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s divine Providence would take care of the audience. The more I personally pursued Jesus and continued to invite Him into my life, the more I lived my life by faith. To my great surprise, people actually noticed and began to ask me about my life. There was no need to prepare a speech or recite scripture, which I thought would be necessary—instead, I emphasized my own experience and described my personal relationship with Christ.

“Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Heavenly Father. “ Matthew 5:16
There is a familiar children’s song with the lyrics

“I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart.” Joy is different from happiness because it comes directly from the Holy Spirit’s presence within us. Joy does not guarantee you will always be happy; the sense of joy simply allows you to place your trust in the Lord. Even if something goes wrong in our lives, we can still find peace because we are in the Lord’s hands. This assurance provides the light that other people will see when everything in our lives is directed by God.

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2 thoughts on “Joy, Joy, Joy”

  1. I think many people find street preachers make them uncomfortable. Your witness by personal example seems a much better and more effective way to spread the Word and the Love of the Lord. You may not reach quite as big an audience as a preacher but as you say, the Holy Spirit will lead those who need to hear about the faith to you. Placing the emphasis on Joy rather than fear of what might happen without accepting Christ is also a better approach to evangelization.

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  2. Joy, Joy, Joy! I enjoyed this reflection very much. I am sure many of us have felt the same way as you & God, in all his glories, gives us confidence to live near his heart. Thank you for sharing.


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