God Wants a Family

My dad is a songwriter, and when I was in high school, he wrote one called “Jesus Wants a Family.” The chorus was simple…

“God wants a family,

He made you and me,

Jesus opens up the door,

And He brings us in,

This is what we’re aching for.”

Ever since I learned this song of my dad’s, I continue to find myself in situations that remind me of these lyrics. One of the main reasons its message continues to ring true is that God is always calling out, asking us to join in the communal family banquet. In the first reading, Paul echoes this invitation to bring everyone to the table. Everyone is welcome there and has a seat at this family table.

The beautiful miracle Jesus performed was to create one Church where all people, no matter what their skin color might be, circumcised or uncircumcised, or whatever their past faith might have been, share one common important truth. We are sons and daughters of God. In the Gospel, Jesus confirms this while He is sitting at a table; “Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.” Mark 3:35

Jesus does make a single request–that we keep His word and go out to spread it to others. If we do not share the good news with others, there is no way God’s family can grow. Our Father longs for this large united family. In order to make it possible, we must play our part, especially today when so many in this world are in despair. God will reach out and open the door, ready to welcome everyone in.

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One thought on “God Wants a Family”

  1. This is such a wonderfully comforting message. A priest once told me that the real reason Jesus came to live on earth is that “He wanted to be one of us.” He is our very brother and His Father is our Father. We are so blessed to be part of the family of God and need to remember all our brothers and sisters as we travel through this troubled world together, stopping at the family table to refresh ourselves whenever we can.


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