4 thoughts on “O Lord, Great Peace Have They Who Love Your Law”

  1. Mariela thank you for this reflection. It’s very true that “most governing authorities today do not seek God’s law above their own,” and “essential rights are not always given to everyone by their governments, making it difficult for everyone to be perceived as equal.”

    We as Catholics have a responsibility to practice the gospel out of the pure love that Jesus Christ has for all of us. That included being in solidarity with our oppressed and marginalized brothers and sisters.

    Jesus himself walked with the oppressed and marginalized people of his time. Jesús showed solidarity by walking, talking and healing them thereby elevating their dignity. Jesus educated and had dialogues to change the mindsets of his closest s friends, the disciples and entrusted them with this work as well.

    And Jesus spoke out to oppose hypocrisy, especially in the religious leaders who manipulated the word of God by elevating their status and ignoring the poor and the oppressed.

    Thank you for the suggestions on ways that I as a Catholic can use my spiritual gifts to show solidarity.

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  2. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? This “cancer of racism” (to quote Bishop Barron in his recent homily) has weighed heavily on my heart these past few weeks. The Lord tells us to mourn with those who mourn, so I have allowed myself to grieve with those who are suffering. Yet it gives me hope to see folks within our church—such as you, Mariela, and the commenters above me—also eager to take action against these injustices wrought upon our brothers and sisters. Let’s unite, hold each other accountable and informed, and keep fighting the good fight!

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  3. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah. Beautiful poignant, and true. Thank you for honoring those lost and thos in the struggle still. God’s truth abideth still alleluia

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