Moving Pieces

When he anxiously asked, I had  been seeking the solution for over a year.  Well before he even knew his need, the plan was put into motion.  He doesn’t see the moving pieces – the way things are slowly coming together nor has he seen the many options that have been rejected and thrown out. He didn’t need to. 

Sitting on the other side of the desk, it was easy to see there is a loving God who works “behind the scenes” so that all things work together for our good. When we want answers to the questions we each hold, can we trust the Lord moves mountains for the plans He has for our lives – plans for a future and a hope? As I sit and wait for my own questions to be answered, I too will live my way into the answers, directed by the One who makes crooked paths straight. 

Verso l’alto, 

You want to give up cause it’s dark. We’re not that far apart.  
So break my step and relent, you forgave and I won’t forget

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