Mama Said

Many of us are blessed with a mother, or mother figure, who has encouraged us to pursue our dreams – especially in the midst of obstacles. Despite our initial enthusiasm, situations that seemingly stonewall momentum might cause us, in our blindness, to question if the dream’s worth the frustration and disappointment. Our original crystal clear vision of both our destination and our motive are obscured by the obstacles in the way. Perhaps, though, what we assume to be in the way is merely on the way.

As Mary walked alongside her Son, she did not remove Pontius Pilate’s judgment, which crowned Him with thorns and nailed Him to a tree. She watched and waited and stood. By her presence, she reminded her Son that His hopes and dreams were worth it. Though appearing to be the stone to the tomb of His death, she trusted it would be rolled away as the stone of His resurrection. As she demonstrated at His cross, and as she instructed the waiters at the wedding feast, when we “do whatever He tells (us),” He will save the best for last.

Kathryn Grace

Mama said, “Don’t give up!”

There’d be days like this

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